Here are some guidelines to help you choose the "perfect stamp set" for your projects. A versatile stamp set is...

  1. Cross-gender - able to be used on feminine and masculine projects.
  2. Cross-application - can be used for a large array of projects: cards, gifts, scrapbooking, etc.
  3. Cross-occasions - good for a variety of occasions: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new arrivals, sympathy, etc.
  4. Compliments or coordinates with other stamp sets and accessories you have.
  5. Good for a range of techniques.
  6. Loved by you, because if you don't love it you won't use it!

A stamp set that puts a tick in all six boxes would be versatile indeed! However, that "perfect" stamp set may be allusive. To ensure you are choosing a versatile stamp set, select sets that fulfil a large number of the guidelines above and you will find you reach for it time and again.