Assembling clear-mount Stampin' Up! stamp sets is really easy. However, if you have any questions after reading this or would like a demonstration on how to mount a stamp, then please contact me.

When you receive your stamp set it comes in its own DVD-sized container. Note, on the inside cover of the container are instructions for assembling stamps. The container will hold two things:

  1. A sheet of rubber with your stamp images,
  2. A sheet of clear labels for back of each rubber stamp.

To assemble your stamps:

  • Push the die-cut stamp images out of the rubber sheet.
  • Remove the backing from the foam. You can now use the stamp as is, or you can adhere the label to the foam so you can see the image on the back of the stamp through the clear-mount block.
  • To adhere the label to the stamp, remove the top liner from the label sheet, peeling along the slits and leaving the label on the sheet with the adhesvie side up. Align the stamp, foam side down, with the outline of the label. Press the stamp onto the label, making sure you match up all edges of the image. Pull the stamp up; the label will adhere to the back of the stamp. If the label hangs over the edge of the foam, trim with scissors.

Bonnie Thurber from Stampin' Up! explains the benefits and differences of using clear-mount stamps and does a great job of showing how mount them*...

*This video was produced for the US Stampin' Up! market and may have products that are not available in New Zealand.