The Precision Base Plate for the Big Shot is sold separately. It is a steel plate that delivers improved performance with more detailed dies, giving extra fine cuts. The Precision Base Plate should only be used with intricate Thinlit dies, ones with metal throughout the die. It is not designed to use with the open Framelit dies.

Precison Base Plate

These are the Bold Butterfly Dies...

Bold Butterflies Framelits Dies

The top die is a Thinlit and is suitable for using with the Precision Base Plate, in fact that is the type of die that this plate has been designed for. The bottom die is a Framelit should not be used with the Precision Base Plate.

Here’s how you make your sandwich with the Precision Base Plate…

  1. Big Shot Platform (comes with your Big Shot machine)
  2. Thin Die Adaptor (comes with your Big Shot machine)
  3. Precision Base Plate, label side down, metal side facing up (replaces the bottom Standard Cutting Pad)
  4. Cardstock or paper to be cut
  5. Thinlit, blade side down
  6. Standard Cutting Pad (comes with your Big Shot machine)

Tips for getting the best from your Precision Base Plate:

  • Move your dies around your Precision Base Plate to give even wear. Don’t cut in the same place every time.
  • It is recommended not to use the Precision Base Plate with the Magnetic Platform.
  • Only die-cut one layer of card at a time.
  • The Precision Base Plate has very little give when rolled through the Big Shot, which is one of the reasons why it gives such a good cut on intricate dies. However, that means that the top acrylic plate is put under more stress than usual, which results in it buckling and curving more than usual. I recommend that you keep an old, well-used acrylic plate for use with the Precision Base Plate.

In this Stampin' Up! video Carrie Cudney, shares tips and tricks on using the Precision Base Plate with the Big Shot to cut beautiful and intricate Thinlits dies...