The Big Shot is a sturdy manual die-cutting machine used to cut and emboss materials for use on cards, scrapbooking pages, crafts, home décor projects, and more! It works with card stock, Designer Series paper, fabric, chipboard, plastic, and many more materials. It is great for adding die-cut shapes and texture to your projects.

Sizzix Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine

Using rule-based and chemically-etched dies, the Big Shot cuts out images by passing cardstock and other materials through rollers that utilize pressure to cut through the materials. With just a couple turns of the handle, you'll be able to cut through a wide variety of materials. Your Big Shot machine will come with a Big Shot Platform and two Standard Cutting Pads.

The Big Shot is compatible with any die made by any company, making it one the most versatile die-cutting machines on the market. Using the Big Shot Platform, you can use dies, embossing plates, and other products from a wide variety of sources.


To use your Big Shot:

  1. Make a sandwich using the material you want to die-cut or emboss.

    • Click HERE to find out more about making a sandwich stack.

  2. Place the sandwich on the base if the Big Shot. Start to push it through until the handle starts to move. Watch your fingers!
  3. Using the handle, crank until the sandwich comes out on the other side. You may hear pops and clicks, don't worry this is normal, it is the die cutting through the material. You will probably find that embossing will be easier than die-cutting. Never force a sandwich through your Big Shot.
  4. Take apart the sandwich and enjoy your new creation!


This video demonstration does a great job of showing how the Big Shot works*...


*Please note this video was produced for the US Stampin' Up! market and may have dies and products that are not available in New Zealand.