Here is the very pretty and very girly birthday card that I made for my daughter's birthday, she turned 6 yesterday. I didn't put it up earlier because she often looks here and may see it!

Yet another card using the faux-silk effect! This one is for my nephew's 1st birthday, which is tomorrow.

After Tuesday night's workshop I was playing with the Faux Silk Effect and created the card below. Unfortunately, the camera doesn't quite capture the texture! It is a really lovely way of adding texture to cards and scrapbooking pages. To see the card that we created at the June workshop using this effect, click HERE and check out the previous workshop projects.

Last night I finished making twenty of these pretty cards. Anyone that requests information about the up-coming June workshops will receive one of these as my gift to you. As I said, there are twenty but if I need to make more I will...

Since my son's 3rd birthday landed on Easter we had an Easter egg hunt, which went down a treat. I discovered these baskets and made them for the kids to put their found Easter eggs in and take home.