What is the Color Lifter?

The Color Lifter is a specialty marker in the Stampin' Blends range.  It has no colour in it at all!  It is a must for using with the Stampin' Blends, here's four reasons why...

  1. Erasing...  Use on areas where you've coloured outside the lines to erase ink.  Use sparingly as the alcohol in the Color Lifter can cause the ink on the image to bleed into it.
  2. Highlighting...  Use on areas of your coloured image to add highlights.  The Color Lifter acts like a bleech to remove some of the colour from your image.  
  3. Blending...  Use quickly and gently to blend harsh lines.  Don't add too much as it will lighten the area.
  4. Adding texture...   When you swirl the Color Lifter over saturated colour, the ink will will start to pool and create gorgeous textures.

Brandi from the Stampin' Up! Home Office demonstrates these four techniques...